Why I Don’t Hate Donald Trump, and why he should run as an independent.

First of all let me say this: I am not a Trymp supporter. I don’t believe in his rhetoric, and I sincerely hope he doesn’t win the election. But he illustrates what is great about our political process. The fact that a demagogue businessman who has a terrible record and no background in politics can run for President is exactly what makes America great. That racist, sexist, undereducated views are not only heard, but taken seriously. This is the entire logic behind voting, that everyone, even those who seem to be destructive abusive, and not even grasp the founding priciples of this country get to have a voice. And right now, that voice is Donald Trump.

He gives voice to many that have no real representation. Disenfranchised voters, unwitting advocates of a fascist message one moment, and a leftist agenda the next. He gives these citizens of America a voice. By illustrating their frustrations and views with his blatant disregard for compunction, good taste, good sense and genuine leadership, he has garnered a following. A very loyal and devoted following. People do misinformed, uninformed or just plain morally corrupt that they have pledged their votes, and possibly their souls to his campaign. This is not only what makes America great, it’s why I say Trump should keep running, even if he loses the Republican nomination.

By giving these3 fine citizens of this great country such a spot on voice and platform, Donald Trump has become their voice. Doing this has a side-effect as well.  Donald Trump has a duty to keep running. If he doesn’t get the Rep[ublican nomination, he needs to run as an independent. These people won’t fall behind “Lyin’ Ted” and are not likely to go democrat. No, Donald Trump has a duty to give these people the voice try have pledged to, and the leadership they crave. I think he knows this. Only he can provide this to the people he represents, and the ideals he espouses and represents. Only he can do this. Only Donald Trump can give these people a voice to “save America”. He has said so himself. This isn’t a business venture like his Trump steaks that he can abandon whenever, these are real people who believe in his message and capability. By running as an Independent, he can truly be a unifier, across parties, across dates, across the world. 

This is about honoring those who follow him, honoring why he started ruining in the first place, and above all, honoring those Americans who support him and make America great. His Obligation, duty, and implied contract with those followers requires it.

Mr. Trump, you must continue to run for president no matter what. While I do not support your message, I support your reasons, and the system in this country that gives you the right and responsibility to be the voice only you can be. Shine on as an example and voice to those troubled and jaded citizens who have thrown their unwavering wrong support behind you. Give thought to your responses, allow the Republicans to steal your nomination, they were against you anyway and you are beholden to none.

Donald Trump running for President is WHY America is great. Giving a voice to those who have none, and showing them that anyone can run, no matter what is what the political process is an out. A colored man is president, a woman may be, a Democratic Socialist might be, a fanatical religious zealot might be, and then there’s Trump, standing out as a beacon of sense to those who don’t brother to listen to his exact words built rely on their gut instinct to guide them. Keep adding fuel to that fire in their belly so your rocket can rush to the sky and shopper these people with the fireworks of your ascent Mr. Trump. This c pantry needs you to do so.

Whatever the outcome of this election, Donald Trump has made it historic. He has solidified his place in the annals of American politics and pop culture. By polarizing a nation and captivating their attention he has made this presidential primary more watched and involved than many actual presidential races of the past. Whatever you feel about Mr. Trump, he has definitely garnered a historic place, and he should continue, for the sake of the people who see him as a leader and their voice, he needs to continue, and the country, no, the World, needs him to continue. A 3-way race with Democrat, Republican, and Trump would be historic, fantastic, and an absolute fanfare of unprecedented political upheaval this country needs. Keep giving them your voice and leadership Mr. Trump, it is desperately needed in this world.

Again, not my voice, not my vote, but that is what is great about this country, everyone gets a voice. Don’t cut the throats of your followers by quitting Donald Trump. Give them a voice for the ages, and let them sing!


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