Two sides of an eye

Flattery and deception aren’t the tools of humility
They’re the tools of cowardice and treachery
It’s good to know them and how they’re used
A love of using them shows signs of abuse
Not all things glittering are gold
Not all things unsaid are untold
Become what you behold in order to do right
Life experience, sleep with a demon for a night
Fight the good fight, even if you have to fight dirty
Fight for right with peace, openness, and honesty


Dear Jon

Dear Jon,

Is this what you call goodbye?

I mean, it seems like only last century you said hi

and I never would have envisioned

how much you helped with my Indecision

and like the holiday tree mission

you’ve become a bit of a family tradition

Come on man

none of this was planned

think of the kids

your unborn fans

I never had a problem with your infidelity

even that one affair with, what’s his name, Stevie?

It really was those daily doses

you’d show us of those calling farts roses

and I always looked forward

to your indecent exposures

every evening when we got cozy

I’m not mad

just a little sad

I hope you’re happy

I’ll pretend to be glad

but if this must be the end I will dry my eyes

I’ll keep my chin up,and the pain inside

if for everything there is a season

and even this has a reason

and all of the hope that you’re teasin’

to avoid the pain of you leavin’

don’t you give a damn?

I’m sorry, I hope you understand

It’s just that, well

We fucking love you man!