Tech Ramblings

I want to see something. I want to see a Microsoft Surface-like phone or phablet come into existence. have the cover be the keyboard, if desired. MS has the upper hand, they already have the tech, hardware and software. it may even be possible to have a universal dock, something like a surface RT, a phone, and a desktop, could all use the same connector, immediately creating a modular hardware assembly for many different vendors. If Windows 8 can deploy well across platforms, this would be awesome. and since the Galaxy S4 has a cover, it may be only a matter of time before MS plays catch-up in an massive, important market… again. I must qualify all of this, I have never owned an Apple product. I admire the company, love the design, efficiency and innovation. Circumstance has been the most deciding factor, not particular preference. I sincerely just want to see the hardware idea. if MS doesn’t, and Samsung doesn’t evolve to the next step of their flip-cover, perhaps Apple will make the iThumb or something, and it will plug into a universal connector across all their handheld devices, and offer screen protection. This is only a small idea, i think it would be fantastic. There could be other forms, like game controllers, kickstands for the phone bodies, all sorts of stuff, and all while allowing for the continuing trend of bigger screens, gaming on phones, all of the media editing could be done on a custom input pad. With the growing amount of things done, having unobtrusive, but new and novel, means of data entry into the devices, the more that will keep getting done with them. Just my humble opinion. I think it has merit over the next few product cycles though.