The Dance of the Iris

Have you ever watched someone’s eyes while you talk? I don’t mean look at  them, I mean watch them, observe, and do so while noting the context of conversation? i have, many times, and I have noticed something funny, strange, and wonderful. I call it the dance of the Iris. It happens, depending on the person, depending on the age, and depending on the context, to everyone I have ever met. yet, when I go to look online, or in journals, or anything, I cannot find it. With the long-term work done with Dr. Stephen Hawking and his eye-tracking software, you would think there would be some, but I cannot find it. With the new Google Glass hardware coming out, and all the necessary research to do that, you would like to believe there would be more basic research available, but it is nearly impossible to find. There is Military research being done for eye tracking,  for pilots, and infantry, and I understand that research being secret, but still. Maybe there are people wondering how I know, maybe there isn’t. but I know, I have done my own observations, I have purposely changed the variables, and I KNOW the results. There cannot be a lack of this research, which tells me it is a closely guarded thing. kept from the internet, kept from others. Perhaps it is just corporate proprietary concerns, perhaps it is military software engineering concerns, or both. But what i have observed is more, it has to do with when i have seen it, and in this era of big data, there must be people who have done this analysis also. I see so much being reported, so many advancements, particularly in several key areas of cognitive interactivity, that it must be true. I know something too, that even without my eyes, without the Dance of my Iris, there are things I can still do. More people should watch, and take a look, watch when you are talking, and without any change in lighting conditions, watch for when the Iris flutters, it is short, but sweet. It has meaning, it has a reason. I have thought often about this, and I know it to be true. Maybe this is something happening in the top of the top, and only beginning to be noticed, much less understood. Maybe i am being written off, I am just some guy with an associate’s degree, in some backwoods town, with no formal laboratory experience. But, I KNOW, I have more, and though I may not have the “right” qualifications on paper, I have seen, I have met, I have shook hands. i can do my own thing, and still be ahead. It may not be as rigorous, but just imagine, what could happen, if I had more feedback. Imagine what could happen if WE ALL did. i see all the funny memes, I get the questioning. But I also know, there are just a few, a special few that everyone must run to to get answers. This isn’t the 1% in monetary wealth, these are the people in the top 1% of ability, of intellect, of preternatural wealth. I know that I am not alone, that this is being done. I want in, I want to help. this is as detailed as it gets. I need more, I am willing to work.

Ignoring this in software is fine, ignoring it in the outer world is not. this is important. For all those who read this and it blows right by, don’t worry, just watch, watch the colored part of the eye. For those who may know, and those who just want to, this is big news, and i want in too.


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