Girl Fighting

Girl fights. That wonderfully taboo event that has guys all over watching in awe. Scantily clad women rolling around, beating each other to a pulp has many of us men drooling. And I must admit I am one of them,  but for different-than-average reasons. I absolutely love the courage, and drive, the sport gives to women. It shows that toughness and grit are not exclusive of beauty ( There are many examples of beautiful women who have been through a lot of things, and continue on ( for 1 example) and i wish to take nothing away from them, not everyone is going to knock someone’s block off. but think of all the women out there, the young girls, the wayward youth, the young hotties selling themselves, the older hotties who haven’t got past being hot, despite their many virtues.

The amount of violence against women (, and all of the other websites and organizations dedicated to helping women who have been assaulted, not to mention just beat down mentally. Yet, here we are, the 21st century, no flying cars (yet! and we still have women being hurt because of beauty, (acid splashing) jealousy and low self-esteem (physical assault, verbal and psychological abuse) and then the images of beauty that are pervasive in our culture to the point where many women falsely believe that they must look a certain way to get guys to like them. It is overwhelming to many, especially if they do not have other positive messages to balance out what all these other messages tell them. Yet, here is a championship fight between 2 beautiful women, who have the skills to kick most guy’s ass. Not to mention a few better than average guys’ asses. and they have poise. In a world that is slowly showing more and more women that are truly good role models, I applaud Dana White for FINALLY getting a good women’s act together, better late than never, and given the UFC’s track record of promotion, I hope they can, and will, keep the hype relatively clean.

There are many women beginning to show the younger generation what it means to be a successful woman, from journalism, to the sciences (a personal fave of mine, I have a degree in physics, and science girls were few and far between when I first got into it, today’s geeks have it way better) but with the advent of internet and digital marketing, the “Boy’s Club” has fallen quite a ways now. In fact, more than ever, beautiful, savvy, strong, independent women are able to make a career, and independent life, for themselves in greater numbers, and in a more constructive way, than ever before. I appreciate the strides that have happened, but even the girls today need to realize, they are more than pinups, they need to show their full and true beauty, because a well-rounded woman, with intellect, curiosity, aspirations, and imagination will be beautiful for the rest of her life, not just for as long as she fits in a swimsuit. Or lingerie. Or nothing at all. I will not be able to honestly say I am above liking a beautiful woman in such clothing, or lack thereof, but I have said in the past something I still believe, I can go to a museum, appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the art, and not need to take any off the walls and bring them with me, especially if I already have my own masterpiece at home. however, if I have a daughter, I want to make sure that women, whether in MMA, online publishing, talk shows, hip-hop, science, technology, or any other fields, are given their moment in the spotlight to show that it isn’t just a man’s world, it is also someone else’s, it is the answer to the question, “Who runs the world?…”

That is my latest thoughts on girl fights, and i for one, am not ashamed to say, I can’t wait to see and read about which girl beat the other up. Whatever the outcome, women and girls everywhere win this fight.


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